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Planning and Designing

Posted by: admin | Posted on: December 29, 2013 | Comments Off on Planning and Designing

Planning2Together with the changes of time, the condition in all aspects will follow. The development asks for more space to express their activity. Space management in both large and small scale becomes important.

According to that, PT. BINADAYA INTI DINAMIKA as National Consultant supporting by the experts of this field take apart to apply their ability in planning and designing. We provide services in preparing Master Plan, Detail Plan, Regionalize for Forest Plan, and Regionalize for Water Catchments Area, etc. Beside that we involve in Rural Planning such as Rural Infrastructure that covering roads, bridges, public markets, and jetties.

Space management in small scale of Regional Plan that PT. BINADAYA INTI DINAMIKA service is physical design. The scopes of works are covering tourism, housing, public service facilities, gardening & landscaping,etc.

Scope of Service:

  • Urban and Area Spatial Planning
  • Transmigration Settlement Area Planning
  • Specific Area Development (Coastal, Upland and Remote Area)
  • Site Planning for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Area
  • Infrastructure Design and Transportation System Planning